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Given the still dismal overall prognosis for cancer patients, the need is evident to improve the efficacy of novel targeted and personalized anticancer therapies. A therapeutic plateau has been reached with conventional anticancer strategies such as cytotoxic agents, radiotherapy and surgery. In the last few years attention has been focusing, therefore, on the development on new molecularly targeted therapies. However, although targeted anticancer drugs have changed the landscape of the clinical management of malignant tumors, further studies are required to define the precise and optimal role of these agents in the cancer treatment paradigm.

Kineto Lab Ltd. is specialized in developing and using preclinical models for testing various anticancer strategies and treatments. Kineto Lab Ltd. has substantial experience in using in vivo animal models, such as xeno- and allografts from cell lines and patient derived xenografts, for drug development and screening. Kineto Lab Ltd. is fully licensed to conduct animal research all the official and ethical licenses for animal research.

Kineto Lab Ltd.’s mission is to provide high quality, scientifically based drug screening assays and testing technologies mainly in the field of oncology which enhance quality of drug discovery screening.

All the new compounds successfully tested in preclinical phase give a new hope for better anticancer treatment.

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