R & D • Target identification


KINETO Lab Ltd. develops new types of antibodies that are specifically active in tumor vessels, for diagnostic and therapeutic use. Identification of endothelial markers as a novel therapeutic target that can reduce the side effects of anticancer treatments and increase their effectiveness on tumors.

 In the development and chemotherapeutic treatment of solid tumors, the intratumoral vasculature plays an essential role. It supplies not only crucial nutrients and oxygen for the cancer cells, allowing their proliferation, but it opens the possibility for cancer cell intravasation and metastatic dissemination. On the other hand, these blood vessels provide a route for anticancer drugs reaching their targets on cancer cells. In the last decades, a large effort was made to establish successful targeted therapies, mostly focusing on cancer cell surface marker molecules. However, several studies have shown that the intratumoral vessels differ both morphologically and on molecular level from their normal counterparts, outlining the possible role of endothelial cell targeting. Since these studies are focused on one particular cancer type, therefore they did not provide universal tumor endothelial cell (TEC) markers. In turn, new TEC markers would help to deliver compounds specifically in the tumors establishing new antivascular therapies. Our aim is to find new TEC markers in order to be able to label, follow up, or target tumor endothelium.

Grant: KFI_16