R & D • Antibody development


KINETO Lab Ltd. intends to expand its existing tissue culture and animal-based infrastructure on the way that it can continually be able to isolate larger amount of antibodies several times a year, from the hybridomas created by its own earlier development or from the cells obtained from the academic and the industrial partners. The antibodies produced are marketed in various technical solutions and can be used as laboratory diagnostic kits, molecular biology reagents, for immunohistochemical techniques, etc.

At the moment we produce CD34 antibody (clone E2E6-1) which is validated for R&D use and available from stock. For further details, please contact József Tóvári, PhD.

Western Blot analysis of HUVEC cell culture whole cell lysate using CD34 Mouse MAb. The primary antibody blot was labeled with anti-mouse IgG-HRP conjugate secondary antibody, and the protein band was detected with enhanced chemiluminescence.

Flow cytometry measurement on HUVEC cells. 10000 live cells were evaluated in each group. Control cells were only labeled with Alexa Fluor 488 Goat Anti-mouse IgG2a secondary antibody for background measurement.

Immunohistochemistry performed on paraffin-embedded human clear cell renal cell carcinoma samples. Magnification: 200x(A-B), 400x (C). Vascular endothelial cells are stained red/brown. Cell nuclei are stained blue.

Grant: KFI_16