KINETO Lab receives a grant in the frame of BIOSMALL Consortium

The research proposal aims to deepen our understanding of the biological and clinical significance of molecular subtypes in small cell lung cancer (SCLC). Furthermore, our project might represent a step forward in the development of subtype-specific therapeutic approaches and follow-up strategies in this devastating disease. Specifically, our results might help to elucidate the proteomic significance of SCLC subtypes and also to identify novel potentially targetable proteins and proteomic pathways. Second, the specific features of each molecular subtype will be also determined in our study by performing genetic mutation analysis and using in-depth machine-learning algorithms. Third, our in vitro and in vivo results might reveal the biological efficacy of several chemotherapeutic and targeted agents (alone and in combinations as well), thus contributing to the development of new therapeutic approaches. Fourth, our in vivo metastatic models allow us to gain insights into the specific metastatic patterns of each subtype, which may ultimately lead to novel subtype-specific screening and follow-up strategies. Fifth, the results of the immunohistochemistry analyses of the human tissue specimens, and the findings of radiomics will eventually clarify the clinicopathological, predictive and prognostic relevance of molecular subtypes in SCLC patients. Lastly, by collecting and analysing the blood samples of SCLC patients, our project might represent a step forward in the development of subtype-oriented liquid biopsies. These objectives are measurable, verifiable and realistically achievable. Altogether, by shedding light on the biological and clinical relevance of SCLC subtypes, the current study might help to improve patient selection and develop novel therapeutic strategies.

The consortium agreement is now being signed and the new project will start on 1st of October.