This is Kineto Lab • Profile

KINETO Lab Ltd. is a privately owned biotechnology research company based in Budapest, Hungary.

KINETO Lab Ltd.’s expert team and partner laboratories manage the whole process of drug development from target specification and molecule design to in vivo animal models through HT in vitro screenings.

KINETO Lab Ltd. develops different methods for testing the possible effect of new agents on tumor cell migration, adhesion, matrix interaction, proliferation and programmed cell death (apoptosis).

KINETO Lab Ltd. has many years of experience and extensive expertise in preclinical testing anticancer agents on tumor progression in vitro, as well as in different in vivo allo – and xenograft models with subcutaneous, orthotopic and intraorganic (spleen, breast, stomach, colon, kidneys, cranium etc.) tumor establishment by cell inoculation or transplantation. Moreover, our metastasis models provide possibility to evaluate the anti-metastatic effect of compounds.

We established and actively growing our biobank of PDTX models to provide more sophisticated platform to our partners, resembling tumor heterogeneity and tumor microenvironment, offering clinically relevant models, therefore improving the reliability of translational research and predictability of clinical therapeutic response.

KINETO Lab Ltd. produces monoclonal mouse anti-human antibodies.

The company is committed to innovation and excellence, always seeking to exceed the expectations of partners.

Partnership with KINETO Lab Ltd. and giving in our hands your newly synthesized compound guarantee you high quality service investigation and possible therapeutic effect detection, confirmed in several successful projects completed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic institutions during the past years.