R & D • PDTX model establishment

The urge of establishment of effective anticancer compounds lead to the massive number of drug candidates produced. These novel compounds are always going through preclinical testing, involving in vivo antitumor activity testing in rodents. However, traditional xenograft models, while offering good pharmacokinetical data, are limited due to cell line based background, lacking the variety of tumor cells typically present in patients. This often results low success rate in clinical trials after promising preclinical studies. Patient-derived tumor xenografts, originated directly from clinical tumors, offer a suitable solution for the issue: the structure and microenvironment of the tumors are maintained, and tumor heterogeneity is preserved for several generation of host animals.

KINETO Lab Ltd. is collecting clinical samples of various cancer types, establishing and biobanking tumor samples for basic and applied research use. Our aim is to collect samples from rare malignancies or metastatic sites as well, providing otherwise hardly accessible disease models.

We are building our biobank of well characterized PDTX model collection to develop as much as 300 different PDTX models by the end of 2024. This ongoing project is open to any collaborations and drug development experiments.

In case you are interested in PDTX models, do not hesitate to contact József Tóvári, PhD or Mihály Cserepes, PhD.