Our PDTX Project

We successfully developed our system to establish, archive and maintain PDTX models in immunodeficient (NOD-SCID or NSG) mice in order to provide hundreds of options to our partners to use the best preclinical models for in vivo drug testing. Also we establish PDTX derived cell line cultures (PDTX-C) from the models for the investigation of similarities and differences between cell cultures and serial xenografting. We are in connection with multiple clinical centers, allowing us to collect samples from broad variety of tumor types. Additionally, we are focusing on the collection of metastatic tumors in order to facilitate metastasis-targeting research. List of available PDTX models, for further details, please contact us.

PDTX tumours

The figures above show that PDTX tumours are preserving the morphological and immunohistochemical properties of the clinical tumor, while assessment of a derived cell line – similarly to other traditional cell line xenografts – comes along with a drastic change both tissue structure and molecular marker pattern.

Grant: KFI_16