Services • Ex vivo

KINETO Lab provides tumor and organ sampling which can be routinely processed according to the formalin fixed paraffin-embedding (FFPE) protocol.

Alternatively, samples can be snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen for further studies.

Sample processing

  • photography
  • weight measurement of tumor and organs
  • examination of macrometastases on organs
  • examination of metastases in close proximity to the primary tumor

Pathological sample processing, characterization and evaluation

KINETO Lab provides services for studies and evaluation of isolated tumor and healthy tissue samples:

  • general histology of the tumor and/or organs
  • proliferation index in the tumor (Ki67 immunohistochemistry)
  • quantitative analysis of micro metastases (antimetastatic potential assessment)
  • vascularization / angiogenesis (CD31;CD34) antiangiogenic potential assessment)
  • optional tumor hypoxia quantification
  • optional custom marker immunohistochemistry
  • optional sample DNA/RNA/protein characterization